Flexible Working

Our culture and company are designed to be collaborative and innovative, and this culture is better when we interact face to face. While many tasks can be done efficiently from remote locations, interactions that help us work as a team, develop, enhance our performance and our careers are best suited to be in person.  Therefore, EFX has adopted a 3/2+2 flexible work schedule to balance working both in and out of the office work.

Our teams work from an EFX office 3 days per week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The specific days for our Leeds and Nottingham colleagues may vary depending on the team you are joining.

Additionally, each year, you may choose an additional two weeks to work remotely.


Please do not attempt to travel to the office if you are feeling unwell and consider you may be experiencing Covid symptoms, please speak with your line manager or recruiter if you are due to start.

Take care of yourself and your family, we cant wait to get you onboard!