Together, we will create a supportive, balanced and inclusive culture; encouraging healthy bodies and minds.

Leading the way, with innovation and creativity to a stronger brand, a stronger business.

Our Focus

Three pillars, financial, mental and physical wellness underpinned by organisational culture are the backbone of our wellbeing programme. Within these pillars we have clear goals to support our people, everything we offer is aligned to our pillars and our goals. 
We are incredibly proud of the award winning wellbeing programme within Equifax and have seen some real benefits to our people.

Heres some of our highlights

  • Launched our Healthy Living Equifax programme
  • Committed to the time to change pledge
  • Launched our wellbeing hub
  • Held our first ‘retirement ready’ series
  • Launched our menopause podcast
  • Supported our colleagues while working from home with webinars on body mechanics, stress, anxiety support, nutrition information…
  • Launched workplace savings
  • Celebrated and supported plenty of awareness events such as world health day, mental health week, Movember, wear it pink…

Time to Change 

The time to change pledge has been designed by mental health charity and experts MIND. We are committed to ending stigma around mental health. Through the pledge we will continue our work on mental heath, weaving the conversation and support tools into all colleague activity. We are on a journey.

What is the time to change pledge

& why does it matter to Equifax?

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James Atkin, European Legal Council

& Wellbeing executive sponsor

Hear how James takes care of his mental health

Jeremy Lewis, European CIO

& Wellbeing executive sponsor

Hear how Jeremy likens his mental health to a bank